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Tapenade: Pork and Beans Make the Perfect Brunch

on July 2, 2012

Tapenade Bistro

3711 Bayview Street, Steveston, BC, Canada

We visited Steveston to scope out Once Upon A Time film sets but ended up enjoying…

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Provence: Long list of Mimosas


1177 Marinaside Cres., Yaletown, Vancouver

For a morning of girl talk and brunch, we headed to Provence at Yaletown’s waterfront. I was impressed by the long…

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Ensemble Tap: Bacon Pancakes with a Side of Frown

on May 20, 2012

Ensemble Tap

990 Smith Street, Vancouver

I was prepared to love Ensemble Tap, after all, they have bacon pancakes on the menu and their Chef, Dale MacKay…

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Local Public Eatery: Best People Watching Patio

on May 15, 2012

Local Public Eatery

2210 Cornwall Avenue, Kitsilano, Vancouver

One of the best people watching patios in town is at Local Public Eatery, right in front…

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Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar: Brunch from Down South

on February 26, 2012

Chewie’s Steam and Oyster Bar

2201 West 1st Ave., Kitsilano, Vancouver

If there is one thing I cannot get enough of, it’s…

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Abigails Party: Fizzy and Fruity Mimosas with Cheesy Sarnies

on February 25, 2012

Abigail’s Party

1685 Yew Street, Kitsilano, Vancouver

I’ve been dying to try Abigail’s Party so we finally went last weekend. Like many other Vancouver restaurants serving…

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Renos: Greasy Spoon Breakfast right out of a page in the Diamond Grill

on January 21, 2012


151 East Broadway, Vancouver

Sometimes nothing quite hits the spot like a good ol’ greasy spoon breakfast. Design Girl and I visited Reno’s just for that. Downstairs…

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Cranberry Scones for Mother’s Day!

on May 7, 2011

I hate to admit it but even with the intense amount of Food Network TV that I overdose on, my mom is still the one who…

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Sebs Market Cafe: For Rainy Day Vancouver Brunches

on January 29, 2011

Seb’s Market Cafe

592 East Broadway, Vancouver

I choose breakfast nooks based on whether or not they feature pancakes on their menu. However, I made an…

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The Sandwich Series: Shrimp salad melt bagel

Sandwiches are underrated. It’s incredible how much flavour, texture and punch can be packed between two slices of bread. Welcome to my Sandwich Series: a series of simple but creative sandwich recipes you can recreate on your own either to spice up a dull…

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