Lord Stow’s: The Best Ever Egg Tarts

Lord Stow’s, 1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane, Macau

Lord Stow’s

1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane, Macau

Lord Stow’s Bakery claims to be the first bakery to bring Portuguese egg tarts to Macau. Now a local chain, there are Lord Stow’s bakeries all over Macau. But we wanted to visit the first bakery ever which happened to be in the middle of nowhere in the rural village of Coloane away from the hustle and bustle of Macau’s city center. We caught a cab from the Venetian hotel and casino and arrived at the bakery just as a fresh batch of egg tarts had come out of the oven. The little bakery smelled of butter and sugar.

Lord Stow’s Portuguese egg tarts, Macau

We quickly bought a dozen egg tarts and hopped back into the cab. The cab driver was nice enough to stick around until we had bought our egg tarts so he could drive us back into the city. Apparently cabs were few and far between way out in Coloane Village and the only cabs we saw were also dropping off and waiting on tourists buying egg tarts at Lord Stow’s. On the way to the bakery, our cab driver pointed out a nearby bus stop but it didn’t seem like there was a bus coming any time soon.

Lord Stow’s Portuguese egg tarts, Macau

After about 10 to 15 minutes we arrived back into town. Our cab driver dropped us off at Senado Square where we found a little fountain and seating area to dig into our box of egg tarts. These were the most buttery, rich and sweet egg tarts I’ve ever eaten. The pastry crust was flaky and light and the filling was so creamy and rich. The best part about the egg tarts was the bruleed top. That crunch of burnt sugar on the first bite is amazing and the rest of the buttery filling just melts in your mouth like no tomorrow. I’ve never had a Portuguese egg tart quite like this and I still dream about it.

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