Dorman’s Dairy Dream: Ice Cream Sundae Beacon in the Heat

Dorman’s Dairy Dream, 189 New County Rd, Thomaston, Maine

Dorman’s Dairy Dream

189 New County Rd, Thomaston, Maine

Across the street from our hotel was a quint little ice cream shop called Dorman’s Dairy Dream. And that was exactly what this ice cream shop was: a dream! In small town, Maine, you can drive for miles without seeing a building. I was prepared to find our hotel right smack dab in the middle of nowhere. At least that’s what it looked like on Google maps when I was making reservations. But lo and behold, like a cool, refreshing beacon in the New England desert-like summer heat, white and glowing was Dorman’s Dairy Dream. We almost heard that magical miracle sound effect ring and a bright halo go up above Dorman’s Dairy Dream as we pulled up to our hotel across the street. The little white house with the wooden sign on the roof advertising the ice cream shop’s name always looked bustling and there wasn’t a time when we looked across the street when there was not a line up wrapping around the building. So on one of our last days in Maine, we decided to bare the heat and dash across the street to get in line for an ice cream sundae.

Dorman’s Dairy Dream, 189 New County Rd, Thomaston, Maine

Dorman’s Dairy Dream offers many flavours along with the classic vanilla, chocolate and strawberry along with a variety of sundae toppings. I picked vanilla and butter crunch hard scoop ice cream (they also have soft serve) with peanut butter topping and whipped cream, nuts and cherries.

We got two spoons and attempted to share the sundae but obviously I ended up hogging every spoonful! There was so much scrumptious whipped cream on the sundae, it took a while to dig to the rich ice cream. The ice cream was thick, creamy and smooth, reminiscent of the homemade ice cream at Rain and Shine ice cream shop in Vancouver. And the sticky, sweet and salty peanut butter was the perfect glue to hold all the sweet cream, juicy syrupy cherries and light whipped cream together.

If you’re in Maine, Dorman’s Dairy Dream is a must-visit!


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