Five Guys Burgers and Fries: Cheap, Zagat rated, Addictive

Five Guys bacon cheeseburger

I have heard myths about Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I finally bit into my very first five guys bacon cheeseburger last weekend and I can see what the rave is all about. And there has been a lot of rave about this no-frills “healthy” burger joint. What other fast food joint is actually Zagat rated?

Each Five Guys Burgers restaurant is wallpapered with reviews from notable publications, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Star and the Boston Globe to name a few. Most reviews focus on the healthy factor of Five Guys, apparently the veggie burger is to die for. I’ll have to try that next time.

There are also giant sacks of peanuts piled up high against the walls and surrounding the tables at Five Guys. It actually sort of looks like they’re sandbagging for a flood but the peanuts are really for promoting the fact that all the burgers and hot dogs are fried with peanut oil, a healthy alternative to whatever sludge other fast food restaurants use. One of the few gimmicks at Five Guys includes free peanuts, you can scoop up as much as you want from open bins all around the restaurant. It gives the place a nice casual and hospitable feel, it makes Five Guys stand out more against the other cookie cutter fast food chains. The open kitchen concept of each Five Guys restaurant allows the diners to watch as fresh patties are thrown on the grill, nothing is frozen, and nothing is chucked into a microwave.

The oddest part about Five Guys? In the 40 minutes that we were there, we witnessed three of their employees sit down in the dining area during their lunch breaks and eat a full Five Guys burgers and fries combo meal. Is the food complimentary for staff? I know if I was sweating in front of a hot grill all day cooking burgers, the last thing I would want is to eat burgers for lunch. My dad worked at a Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was a student and to this day will not touch the stuff. But they really drink their own Kool-Aid at Five Guys.

My verdict: Five Guys definitely tops my list of best burgers. Juicy and moist without being overly greasy. I was impressed that the bacon was still crispy. The bun was soft and pillowy and also shockingly not soggy. I’m still iffy on exactly how healthy these burgers are but they definitely don’t hurt the wallet much so I can understand the immense popularity of such a cheap and scrumptious burger.

Five Guys gets five stars from food punk!

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