Donut Bar: Paging Homer Simpson

Donut Bar, 631 B St., San Diego, CA

Donut Bar

631 B St., San Diego, CA

As far as gourmet donuts go, my favourites still remain New York City’s Doughnut Plant and Portland’s Voodoo Doughnut. But for a fried dough craving in a pinch, the Donut Bar will do. The small coffee and donut shop is on the edge of downtown San Diego and offers up some pretty cool flavours. We stumbled upon it while we were wandering around downtown sightseeing. The donut bar is a few blocks from San Diego’s Lululemon. The Lululemon here is tucked away on a hidden side street and is only open a few days a week. I guess overpriced yoga wear is not popular here.

Donut Bar, 631 B St., San Diego, CA

At first it was hard to choose flavours at Donut Bar but I had to get my go-to, favourite flavour: red velvet. We picked the other two because they looked so pretty: the peaches and cream and the apple pie donuts.

Red velvet donut, Donut Bar, 631 B St., San Diego, CA

I was surprised to find that the red velvet was the best flavour. Previously, I had a bad experience with a Krispy Kreme red velvet donut. It just goes to show that sometimes chain restaurants aren’t the best food choices when it comes to specialty items.

The red velvet at Donut Bar was a dense and sweet cake donut, the icing was a perfect sweet and slightly salty cream cheese topping with fluffy bits of red velvet crumbs sprinkled all over.I loved it.

Peaches and cream, Donut Bar, 631 B St., San Diego, CA

The peaches and cream wasn’t as fluffy as I had hoped – it was supposed to be a yeast donut but didn’t hold a candle to a freshly fried Lee Doughnut’s yeast donut from Granville Island at all. I barely tasted any peach flavour but I have to admit, it was the prettiest of the 3 donuts we ordered.

I ordered the apple pie donut because it looked unique but it was barely filled with any apple pie filling. There were probably only a few cubes of spiced apple inside, the outside of the donut was pretty dry.

Apple pie, Donut Bar, 631 B St., San Diego, CA

Donut Bar is a fairly new shop but it is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the most popular Urbanspoon restaurants in San Diego. I have no doubt that they’ll work out their kinks to climb higher on the donut chain. I will gladly return for their winning red velvet.


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