Let Them Eat Cake: La Mont Blanc at the Palace of Versailles

Angelina, Palace of Versailles, France


Inside the Palace of Versailles

Versailles, France

La Mont Blanc, Angelina, Palace of Versailles, France

It sort of looks like a comb over, but it’s literally one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. It’s called La Mont Blanc and it’s a heavenly whipped cream concoction on top of a meringue, covered in sweet chestnut paste piped over the little cake in a stylished manner. I don’t know what they do to the whipped cream in this cake but it’s fluffy, light and sweet, the meringue is a perfect chewy and powdery cloud and the chestnut paste is delicious in all its nutty goodness. The menu claims that the recipe for La Mont Blanc has been heavily guarded for 100 years. I can see why.

La Mont Blanc, Angelina, Palace of Versailles, France

The contrasting textures of the thick and smooth chestnut paste is a wonderful play off the light whipped cream underneath and everything is balanced on a perfect piece of merigue on the bottom.

I ordered La Mont Blanc because I’ve actually been seeing it a lot on menus and in almost every French bakery I’ve visited here in Paris, France. And for you Vancouver readers out there, yes, this cake reminds me very much of those Chinese cakes sold at Anna’s or Maxim’s, Pine House and all our other favourite Chinese bake shops.

Hot chocolate, Angelina, Palace of Versailles, France

Angelina, this cute and quaint little tea room can be found inside the Palace of Versailles between the King’s quarters and the Dauphine’s, and La Mont Blanc is their specialty, along with their thick and lucious hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is served in a small pitcher with a small ramekin of whipped cream on the side. The second best part about this drink is mixing in the pillowy clouds of whipped cream into the incredibly thick hot chocolate drink. The best part is drinking this amazing chocolate drink, it’s like drinking a chocolate bar.

Hot chocolate with whipped cream, Angelina, France

We also couldn’t leave without ordering the croque monsieur, grilled to perfection with a scrumptious, almost crispy layer of cheese on top and oozing bechemel sauce and ham in the middle.

Croque Monsieur, Angelina, Palace of Versailles, France

You really can’t go to Versailles without spoiling yourself with treats at Angelina.

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