Fresh Local Wild is back!

Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

Fresh Local Wild

Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

We first discovered Fresh Local Wild last fall, they disappeared for a while but now in a bigger and better cart, Fresh Local Wild is back on the streets, and have set up camp on the corner of Burrard and Hastings. This definitely warranted a revisit. Featuring an ever changing menu of the freshest, local ingredients, we were happy to see fish and chips on the menu. Nothing hits the spot on a cold, rainy Vancouver day like hot fish and chips.

Fresh Local Wild patio, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

In an attempt to beat the lunch crowd, we arrived early. It was perfect timing because not only were we the first in line but we also got first dibs to the most coveted seating: the cool patio table attached to the cart. This is the only food cart in Vancouver that features a patio. I also love the endearing little welcome mat in front of the steps leading up to the patio, it created a nice, cozy ambiance amidst a busy intersection in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It also made our dining experience more comfortable that the patio area was covered because at one point during lunch, it started pouring heavy rain.

Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

Right beside the patio table is a window leading to the kitchen, and our food was served to us through that window. The service was impeccable, containers spilling full of recyclable plastic knives and forks and a full canister of napkins and a big bottle of ketchup were placed on our table along with our food. It was like dining at an actual restaurant!

Seared Albacore Tuna Melt, Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

We ordered the seared Albacore Tuna Melt, which was served with the bread perfectly toasted and the cheese melted into a soft and warm stretchy blanket on top of the most tender and silky tuna I’ve ever tasted. There was also a rich and nutty taste in the sandwich, this was probably from the rustic bread- which did not get mushy or soggy despite all the ingredients that was piled into the sandwich!

Wild Pacific Cod fish and chips, Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

We also ordered the Wild Pacific Cod fish and chips. I love that a generous dollop of tartar sauce was scooped onto the side of the take-out box. Fresh Local Wild doesn’t create more waste by using those little round impossible-to-open plastic sauce containers; you know the ones, Chinese restaurants use ‘em for plum sauce or soy sauce.

The cod was incredibly tender and flaky. As a foodie, I am embarrassed to admit that the thing I absolutely adore about fish and chips is the batter and the batter on the cod at Fresh Local Wild is no exception. It was light, crispy and tasted slightly salty but didn’t overpower the fish.

Sockeye Salmon fish and chips, Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

I was the most excited about the Sockeye salmon fish and chips, not just because I love salmon but because (and this is the superficial side of me coming out) of the way it looks, the brilliantly bright red salmon flesh peeking through the light fried batter is incredibly seductive. Who knew fried fish could be sexy.

Sockeye salmon fish and chips, Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

Even though salmon flesh is much firmer than the delicate cod, the Sockeye salmon was very juicy and moist. I like that Fresh Local Wild do not over season their fish, letting the natural salmon flavours shine.

Sockeye salmon, Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

The fries at Fresh Local Wild are a deep golden colour and are delicious. Even though they might be a little bit on the salty side.

Fries, Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

Another great thing about Fresh Local Wild is their mandate of changing our eating habits and food preparation to practice sustainability. Fresh Local Wild works hard to decrease their carbon footprint and practice some pretty innovate methods to uphold their mandate. For example, Fresh Local Wild uses recycled waste biomass to power parts of the food cart such as the 100% VEG oil used to power their converted diesel generator. Fresh Local Wild also only cooks with fresh and organic ingredients like locally caught fish and organic vegetables free of pesticides. And lastly, Fresh Local Wild’s eating utensils and take-out boxes are made from recyclable material. I especially like their study but sleekly shaped take-out boxes, they fit perfectly in my small hands and are strong enough to hold piles of fries. Fresh Local Wild takes a very noble and responsible approach to food and this is a sign that Vancouver the foodie city is evolving from unhealthy hot dog stands to quality street food.

Fresh Local Wild food container, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

Fresh Local Wild, Burrard and Hastings, Vancouver

I can’t wait to visit Fresh Local Wild again!

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