Pudding for Breakfast: Air Canada

Air Canada bread pudding

Bread pudding or omelet? What would you choose? I went straight for the pudding. Only on a flight to London, England would pudding be on the in-flight menu. On a nearly empty flight to London, England, an hour and a half into the flight, breakfast was served! I’m serious about the nearly empty flight, there were not more than 50 people on our large 200 seat plane. And yes, I did a quick inventory of all the other passengers, slotting them into the character stereotypes from Lost—just to see who would be the most helpful if hypothetically we were to crash onto a mystical, supposedly deserted island with a smoke monster.
Now, back to the question at hand, bread pudding or omelet? I chose the pudding, obviously, which, in the picture really looks like solidified oatmeal with raisins. The taste more than makes up for the goopy, brown appearance though. Full of cinnamon, brown sugar and I even tasted a hint of nutmeg, this bread pudding passed my test for an in-flight meal. The side of fruit salad was only okay though, I don’t know why they chose to only include cantaloupe and honey dew melons in a winter fruit salad, the fruit was hard, unripe and not very juicy. I would have even preferred canned pineapple over these little cubes of hard melon.

Air Canada bread with jam

Air Canada bread

The little dinner roll blew me away though. Who knew that Air Canada kitchens were capable of baking soft little pillows of bread? The bread was firm enough to not get squished as I was clumsily cutting it in half to spread butter and strawberry jam, but the crust was also soft enough to not scratch the roof of my mouth when I was eating it. I hate those unsuspectingly razor sharp crust edges of Kaiser buns when you go in for a second bite. It’s like the bun is eating you and not the other way around. But thankfully, this was not the case with this cute little Air Canada dinner roll. It was compact, soft and filling.

Air Canada Omelet with cheese and potatoes

I was happy with this small and sweet breakfast. I’m very happy I didn’t choose the omelet since I’m pretty sure it was made from artificial egg.

Next stop: London!

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