Sandwiches are underrated. It’s incredible how much flavour, texture and punch can be packed between two slices of bread. Welcome to my Sandwich Series: a series of simple but creative sandwich recipes you can recreate on your own either to spice up a dull work day or maybe just for a quick snack. I like to think that the secret is in the bread, or in some cases substituting traditional sandwich bread with naan, pita, thick and sturdy iceberg lettuce leaves or in the below recipe, a sliced, toasted bagel.

Make sure you check back regularly for new Sandwich Series recipes and photos. If you have some sandwich ideas, recipes or know of a cool deli serving delectable sandwiches, please email me pronto : I’m always ready to make or taste a really good sandwich.

Take caution though, that if you’re going to take the risk of sticking your carefully packed sandwich in the communal office fridge like Ross from Friends, make sure you guard it with your life!

Shrimp salad melt on a plain toasted bagel

Shrimp Salad Melt on Toasted Bagel


1 bagel, sliced and toasted

1 can of cocktail shrimp, slightly chopped

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

pinch of thyme

pinch of basil

pinch of dill

dash of paprika

salt and pepper

squeeze of lemon

4 slices of mozzarella cheese


1. Mix shrimp with mayonnaise, thyme, basil, dill, paprika, salt and pepper, squeeze in lemon juice at last minute.

2. Slice and toast bagel.

3. Spread shrimp mixture onto bagel, cover with mozzarella cheese and place in warm toaster oven until cheese melts.

Shrimp salad melt on toasted bagel

Shrimp salad melt on toasted bagel

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