Bonchaz Bakery Cafe

Matcha Green Tea Bonchaz

Bonchaz Bakery Cafe

426 West Hastings St. Vancouver

If you like the smell of freshly baked bread and also appreciate cozy, hipster joints with open-concept kitchens and coffee served in a french press then you’ll love Bonchaz. Since it opened earlier in the year, I have been hearing about Bonchaz non-stop. Bonchaz is also situated at a great location right beside the #135 bus stop on West Hastings Street. So it’s pretty hard to ignore the warm air and tasty, buttery smells of baked milk buns wafting from Bonchaz while you’re waiting for that #135 bus (which is always late!).

Bonchaz Bakery Cafe, 426 W. Hastings St.

A bonchaz is a type of pastry- a yeast milk butter bun that is baked. And the buns are literally baked before your eyes just like their slogan claims. I bought half a dozen buns (one of each flavour), and my server took each bun straight out of the little ovens behind the cash register and put them into a box for me. When I opened the box at home, the smell was extraordinary. Each bun is topped with a thin crispy topping and filled with flavoured filling. The flavours available at Bonchaz include: Original, Matcha green tea, Chocolate truffle, Banana walnut and Apple cinnamon. My favourite is a tie between Original and the Chocolate truffle. The Original bonchaz filling reminded me of the tasty Chinese custard buns, the bonchaz filling tasted buttery with a custard-like consistency and a hint of sweetness. The Chocolate truffle bun was decadent with thick, rich chocolate filling inside and chocolate sprinkles on top. I also loved the Apple cinnamon bonchaz with diced cubes of real apple mixed into the filling and baked on top of the bun. The actual buns are as soft and flaky as feathers. It’s pretty hard to eat just one.

Chocolate Truffle Bonchaz

Original Bonchaz with real butter and sea salt

Bonchaz Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

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