Shurky Jurky: Better than Bacon

Shurky Jurky beef jerky

Addicted to beef jerky but looking for a healthy alternative? You gotta check out Shurky Jurky, a new Crowd Supply artisan beef jerky producer out of Portland, Oregon. That’s right, hipsters, out of Portland: instant street cred right there, and the fact that they’re a start-up using the platform, Crowd Supply, they have hipster cred too.

Mike Shur, CEO and founder of Shurky Jurky contacted me through my blog to offer samples of their chocolate covered beef jerky. At first, I wasn’t very interested. I don’t even like beef jerky. My boyfriend, on the other hand, consumes the stuff like a zombie apocalypse is about to happen. He once spent the better part of a road trip stuffing his face with some beef jerky we bought, fearful that the border guards would confiscate it at the border crossing.

Shurky Jurky’s chocolate and fruit covered jerky is so popular that it was all gone by the time I responded to Mike for a sample. The beef sample that was mailed to me was pretty incredible in its own right. I have to admit, it definitely changed my mind about beef jerky. As soon as I peeled open the package, I could smell that amazing smokey and sweet spice.

If you want to check out how Shurky Jurky is made, there’s an informative and drool-worthy Vimeo on their Crowd Supply page. There’s fresh pineapple in their marinade. I didn’t even know pineapple was in beef jerky. Please don’t revoke my foodie license. You can’t taste the tropical fruit but there is a tangy sweetness to each bite of jerky that likely comes from the pineapple. This delicious marinade can be purchased from Shurky Jurky’s Crowd Supply page. Shurky Jurky also uses Bragg, a healthy alternative to soy sauce, it’s low in sodium, uses non-GMO soybeans and contains no MSG. Shurky Jurky is practically healthy!

Shurky Jurky also uses beef from grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, pasture raised in the Pacific Northwest and raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Shurky Jurky is also available in pork, turkey and bison; all of which is made from organic livestock, free of herbicides, pesticides, anti-biotics or hormones.

Shurky Jurky is marketed to the outdoorsy, athletic types and even though I am an avid runner and hiker, I’ll have to admit that the small packet of jerky didn’t even make it past my living room as my boyfriend and I scarfed it while watching Breaking Bad. But I can see how the jerky can be perfect for long hikes or high impact sports, the spicy kick really gives you a burst of energy and since the jerky is low on sodium and contains no MSG, you’re not thirsty afterwards. And for those of you (like me) who starts Christmas shopping extremely early in the season, Shurky Jurky would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the health nut in your family who likes salty treats.

For more info or to purchase some addictive and delectable Shurky Jurky, visit their Crowd Supply page.

Happy snacking!


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