Cashew Cookies: Flourless Wonders

Sweets from the Earth Flourless Cashew Cookies

Sweets from the Earth Bakery (Gluten-free)

52 Cawthra Ave., Toronto, ON, M6N 5B3

I have become addicted to the healthiest cookies I’ve ever eaten: flourless, gluten-free cashew cookies made by Sweets from the Earth. The cookies are lactose free, contain no refined sugars and are low in saturated fat. I read all of this and more on the side of the box and nearly had a heart attack that I ate something so healthy. I chalk it up to hanging out with my health-nut cousins.

Sweets from the Earth Flourless Cashew Cookies

In Toronto, these cookies can be found at Whole Foods or at their gluten-free bakery: 52 Cawthra Avenue. In Vancouver, Sweets from the Earth treats can be found at Thirty Foods.

The bakery takes orders for catering too. We ordered a truckload of the cookies along with other gluten-free goodies and personalized cupcakes for a special event. The pastries were a hit!

Sweets from the Earth Flourless Cashew Cookies

I admit that the first time I ate these cookies, I was famished, and one can never be a true judge of taste when starving. So when I found another box of the cookies in my cousin’s cabinet (ironically, I was rummaging for chocolate), I gave ‘em another shot. The verdict was the same: these are surprisingly, the most moist, rich, and decadent cookies I’ve ever had. They really are “sinfully delicious,” as it so claims on the box.

They look perfectly normal too. Actually, they look like they might be dry but in actual fact, they’re the complete opposite. To this day, I can’t stop eating them. What a mystery.

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