Golden Globe Awards: What the Stars are eating

While I will be snacking on popcorn, chips and chocolate during today’s Golden Globe Red Carpet Arrivals Special Broadcast and during the Golden Globes Awards Ceremony, the guests and nominees attending the Ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel will be feasting on the exquisite culinary creations from Executive Chef, Suki Sugiura and Pastry Chef, Thomas Henzi. I don’t even like eggplant but the way the above video is filmed makes those grilled eggplant slices look like the tastiest things on earth; and of course in true California fashion, health and wellness comes into play with the menu. I think it’s great that the appetizer is vegetarian, and also that it incorporates a hint of Asian culture with the edamame bean mousse. Needless to say that the dish is also so visually appetizing and pretty on the plate that it’s almost a shame to eat it; the perfectly round shapes of the eggplant slices, the hits of bright colours, the asymmetrical placement of the peanut crisp is as if fashion was spilled on a plate.

The trio of desserts looks deadly delicious. What I wouldn’t do for a spoonful of that rich chocolate mousse topped with local California berries.

I also love that the inspiration for the Golden Globes Ceremony dinner is a global theme, incorporating local California ingredients, and flavours from Asia and Europe. The Golden Globe Awards are selected by the 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, these members are foreign film critics from all around the world, and I think the global flavours in the Golden Globe dinner menu really pays a small tribute to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for all their hard work in screening film and television programs to pick this year’s winners.

The Golden Globes has always been known as the less formal Awards Ceremony where guests are seated at round banquet tables over dinner as the awards are being presented as opposed to the formal theatre style seating at the Academy Awards (aka, the Oscars). The Golden Globes also recognizes and honours television programs in addition to film, thus bringing together two social mediums with two sets of totally different audiences together for one night of eating, drinking and celebrating.
Speaking of drinking, for a 2nd time in a row, the host for the Golden Globes is the hilarious, Ricky Gervais, and in the below clip, he is not shy about pointing out that consuming mass amounts of alcohol during the Golden Globes will make the time go by faster.

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